The Asscociation Between Computer Games and Osteoarthritis

The Asscociation Between Computer Games and Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis, one of the most common body-joint diseases, is becoming an issue of increased concern in most countries worldwide. In the US, for example, close to a third of all adults over the age of 45 are living with the condition.


This increased prevalence has led to studies into various causes of the disease. While in the past the problem was mainly associated with old age, researchers are now diversifying their studies as it becomes clear that even younger people are at risk. Playing computer games has been pointed out as one of the factors that could put people at risk.


Computer Games and Joint Wear


To really get the relationship between computer gaming and osteoarthritis, it is important to look at how the activity affects the bones. Mostly, arthritis is associated with activities that lead to excessive wear and tear of the end of the body’s bones. On this front, computer gaming is safe Well, almost. Apart from the joints of the forearms-finger specifically, there’s not much more body movement involved in computer gaming

But therein arises the next problem. Because of remaining sedentary for long periods, computer gamers are said to be physically inactive, something that is unhealthy for the body’s joints. Moreover, the stationary position exposes one to increase in weight. This would, in turn, expose the joints to greater pressure and increased osteoarthritis risk.

Therefore, whatever argument is made for the role of PC gaming in osteoarthritis can be right or wrong. It only depends on how one looks at it.

It is not all gloom, however. Computer games can actually be a reprieve for people who are already living with osteoarthritis.

Benefits of Playing Computer games for People with Osteoarthritis

While people with arthritis are encouraged to do some amount of exercise to warm their joints, they are certainly in no shape to get active like their healthier counterparts. Excessive physical would not only be painful but could also hurt them further.

Such people can get extremely bored. With computer games, however, they can find an alternative form of entertainment that is not very physically taxing. Playing computer games will get them occupied and, besides the entertainment, they get to sharpen their brains with skills like decision making and memory.

Moreover, osteoarthritis patients can go ahead to make a career out of computer gaming. Today, e-sports is becoming a profession, with numerous tournaments offered online where big money can be won. Since osteoarthritis can render people incapable of doing their former jobs, they can turn to the games as an alternative income-earning platform. Tournaments for big games like Counter-Strike and Game of Thrones can be a great way to get into such action.