Video Game Health Issues

Video Game Health Issues

Video games are a very popular form of modern entertainment. They allow users to explore exotic virtual worlds, work as part of a team with other players and develop their skills. The video game industry is now worth billions of pounds.

Despite the numerous fun reasons to play these games, there is also an issue which everyone should be aware of. Prolonged use of video games can lead to several health problems over time. Being able to recognise and prevent them is essential.

Seeking Medical Advice

If readers are concerned about the potential adverse effects of games on their health, then it is best to talk to a doctor

Eye Strain

This is one of the most commonly complained about conditions associated with video gaming. Staring for too long at a screen is likely to cause strain to the corneas and pupils. Vision disturbances have also been reported by some people. However, this is almost always temporary. By limiting the amount of time looking at the screen, people can reduce their risks of eye strain.


Headaches are also linked to screen use. They can range from mild annoyances to debilitating migraines. Regular headaches can be managed with over the counter medications. Players can also change the brightness settings on their TV and not sit too close to it.

Joint Pain

Repetitive strain injuries can occur due to hours of using a game controller. Due to the immersive nature of gaming, people can go on binge play sessions and risk harming their finger and wrist joints. This condition is known in the community as “gamer’s thumb”. Keeping an eye on the time spent on sessions and recognising early pain can reduce its progression.

Stiff Neck

This is caused by sitting with the head leaning forward for too long. Players may get a stiff and painful neck throughout the day or when they wake up. Sitting with a correct and healthy posture can prevent it. So too can regular neck massages.


If a game is played too close to bedtime, then it can mess with natural sleep patterns. Insomnia has been reported by regular nighttime gamers. Therefore, a break should occur between finishing playing and going to bed. During this break relaxing activities should be enjoyed, such as reading and yoga.


The majority of videos games do not require physical exercise to play. An exception to this is the Nintendo Wii and dance mat games. Lack of activity can lead to obesity. This can be combated with a healthy diet and taking time throughout the day to exercise.