What Parents Need to Know Before Introducing Kids to Computer Games

What Parents Need to Know Before Introducing Kids to Computer Games

Parents are always looking forward for any opportunity to help their kids develop. As such, some parents do this by allowing their kids to play video games on their smartphones. Others are bold enough to introduce them to PC games. Whichever the case, there are pros and cons to allowing kids to play computer games at an early age. Here are some essential facts that every parent should know about computers.


You Need to Get the Timing Right

Most experts suggest that kids who are below five years learn best by interacting with tangible objects. This means that parents with kids under five are discouraged from introducing their kids from computer games. Instead, they should focus on providing them with opportunities for active play.


It is safer to introduce kids to computers when you are convinced that they are ready. This leads us to the question, why should parents introduce their kid to computer games? Digital games offer several educational benefits. They also help kids develop their motor skills.


However, there are times when these benefits can be grossly overstated. As such, parents need to exercise caution while introducing their kids to computer games.

Choosing a Computer Game

If you are convinced that introducing your kid to a computer game will aid their development, make an effort of assessing the games that you want them to play. Here are some pointers that should help you choose the right game for your young one.


Do Your Homework

Before buying or installing any game for your kid, ensure it is age-appropriate. This could involve loading the game and trying it out by yourself. On the other hand, you might consider reading some reviews on the appropriateness of the game for kids.


Prioritize on their Amusement

One of the main reasons parents introduce their young ones to video games is to make them happy. When choosing a PC game, ensure that the game offers unadulterated fun, which is essential in early learning. Kids are often after having fun and care less about the adult’s educational expectations.


Avoid Online Games

Online gaming poses many risks to a naive kid. As such, you should avoid introducing kids to online games. Before handling any PC game, take the necessary steps to curb the possibility of engaging in online interactions. If they have to play online, make sure you supervise their activity.


How Long Should Kids Play Computer Games?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, kids should not spend more than two hours on a computer or television. Also, kids below two years should not play computer games at all. Most experts recommend that parents should set strict limits on their kid’s gaming activity. At the same time, they should be ready to walk the talk and act as role models.