Why PC Gamers Invest in Mechanical Keyboards

Why PC Gamers Invest in Mechanical Keyboards

There are two types of keyboards, mechanical and synthetic. The later describes traditional keyboards which are suited for day-to-day computer use.

Over the years, PC gamers have been ditching synthetic keyboards in favor of mechanical keyboards for the practical benefits they offer. For instance, mechanical keyboards tend to register the keystroke with minimal application of force.

Besides superior sensitivity, mechanical keyboards offer a wide range of benefits. Here is an outline of some of the benefits realized by gamers using mechanical keyboards.


Tactile Sensations

One of the main advantages of mechanical keyboards is how they feel. These keyboards are engineered to offer superior tactile sensations, which are essential as far as enjoying computer games. As much as the nature of tactile sensations differs from one manufacturer to the other, the variations are not very significant. Therefore, if you are looking for a gaming keyboard that will feel right while under your fingers, go mechanical.



If you have tried playing with both synthetic and mechanical keyboards, you might have realized that mechanical keyboards are relatively quicker in terms of the response rate. They require minimal force to get the job done. Any avid gamer appreciates the need of having a quick keyboard, largely because it gives them a competitive edge.


Higher N-Key Rollover

An N-key rollover describes the number of keys that can be registered simultaneously while pressing a key. This means that you can have another key detected while still holding another key or set of keys. When using a synthetic keyboard, the N-Key rollover might range from three to six. On the other hand, most mechanical keyboards have a rollover of 10. A high value of N-Key rollover means that players have more options as far as performing special moves using different keys.



The durability of a keyboard is equally important to a gamer. The last thing any gamer would wish to experience is to have their keyboard act up in the middle of the game. Largely, the durability of a gaming keyboard depends on the number of keystrokes that the keyboard can withstand. Most synthetic keyboards are designed to withstand close to 10 million keystrokes while mechanical keyboards can do close to 50 million. This makes mechanical keyboards five times more durable than synthetic keyboards.