Why You Should Be a PC Gamer

Why You Should Be a PC Gamer

If you have played both PC and consoles, you might have an idea why some players ditch console gaming in favor of PC games. Well, playing on a console is fancy in many ways, but PC gaming is elegant in many other ways. Here are some reasons why you ought to be a PC gamer, and why most people love computer gaming.


Availability of Cheap Games

If you have limited funds to spend on games, PC gaming is just what you need. PC games are by far cheaper than console games. This can be explained by the fact that PC game stores have to compete for your money, as opposed to console stores, which often involve the presence walled gardens.


More Variety

You will be surprised to realize that there is a wider variety of PC games compared to console. This disparity can be justified by the open nature of PC markets and the ease at which developers can whip up games on various platforms.


Flexible Playing Options

Another attractive aspect of PC gaming is that you have a variety of playing options. Whether you feel like sticking to the keyboard or mouse or you want to play with a gamepad, the choice is all yours.