Computer Games: Great Success Stories

Computer Games: Great Success Stories

Many years have passed since the very first Commodore 64, which was released back in 1982. Since then, computer games have never stopped evolving, with the help of new technologies and thanks to the creativity and vision of generations of programmers. Here, we’ll talk about some of the most recent successful PC games.

Minecraft: A Game For Creative Minds

Considered one of the most influential PC games ever, Minecraft was developed by Mark Persson. Players can choose between three playing modes: survival, creative, and adventure. The game allows to create landscapes and buildings, select different characters and interact online with other players. It is used in educational projects to introduce kids to programming and foster creativity.

Among Us: Smart and Engaging

This survival game, available for PC and mobile devices, has been developed by Innersloth. In a futuristic space, a group of players has to identify the “impostor” among them while performing various tasks. Among Us counts an estimate of 1.5 million players are constantly connected to the game server.

League Of Legends: Adrenaline, Teamwork and Great Tournaments

In League of Legends, the aim is to destroy the enemies and the Nexus, the opponents tower. The characters fight while moving on a battlefield and using special moves and weapons. The challenges are between teams of five players. The platform organizes international tournaments with prizes for the winners.

Fortnite: There Can Be Only One!

Developed by Epic Games and People Can Fly, Fortnite can be played in three different modes: Save The World, Battle Royale, and Creative. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, counts around 350 million subscribers. In the Battle mode, 100 gamers take part in a challenge “all against all,” and the last survivor will be the winner.

Steam: A Platforms for PC Games Lovers

Packed with games developed by programmers worldwide, Steam is a platform that offers the chance to choose from an almost endless catalog of titles. To play on Steam, the gamers have to open a free account. Steam provides free games and special deals and discounts on paid games.

Gamer Generation: A YouTube Sensation

The YouTube channels, where players share their gaming experience, are becoming increasingly popular. It’s also an excellent way to gain the necessary skills and to understand the games’ functions and modes. Some gamers have millions of subscribers. Just to give an example, the YouTuber PewDiePie has currently reached the astonishing number of 107 million subscribers worldwide!