Gardening Games

Gardening Games

Gaming and gardening aren’t activities that gamers or gardeners will necessarily lump together. But, as we know, not all games are first-person shooters or otherworldly MMO games. Plenty of them aren’t high-octane racing games or sports games. Calming pastimes, like gardening are well represented in gaming, often in the form of simulation games.

If you’re a keen gardener, or perhaps a frustrated one living without a garden of your own, there are plenty of games out there that will tingle your green fingers. So, let’s have a look at some of the gardening games you can play on various platforms.

Gardening Games

There are gardening apps like around that help you identify plants with their scientific names and tell you exactly how to look after them. Impressively, this realism is carried over into some gardening games, which are scrupulously accurate in their graphics and nomenclature. Here are some games that will appeal to either the keen horticulturalist or anyone looking for a calmer online environment:

Plant Tycoon: A simulation game in which players assume the role of a plant-nursery owner and have to grow over 500 varieties of exotic plant. They must keep their business afloat while moving towards the game’s objective: breeding six magic plants.

Prune: A puzzle game in which players plant and nurture a tree, directing the course of its branches away from extreme heat or cold. As the levels increase, branches have to be contorted into increasingly challenging shapes.

Rosa’s Garden: An iOS and Android game where players plant colorful roses and watch them grow elegantly to the sound of relaxing birdsong and chimes in the background.

Viridi: A simulation game available on many platforms which has its users nurturing pots of succulents (e.g., cacti) that grow in real time. Plants may be thirsty, sated or overwatered. A snail slides slowly around the pot for extra fun.

Terrarium: A mobile phone ‘idle game’ in which players plant seeds, grow potted plants and tap on them to yield oxygen, which is the game’s currency. Players use this currency to level up, unlocking more plants and shelf space.

Genuine Benefits of Gardening Games

In most cases, gardening games are relaxing. And they’re a distraction that is mentally beneficial when the world is in turmoil or personal stresses are mounting. You could say they emulate real-life gardening in their calming ability.

Of course, with actual gardening, you also reap the benefits of physical exercise and an abundance of natural light. But during those quiet, secluded moments indoors when your mind might turn to unhelpful thoughts, video gardening games give you a utopic world to escape to. Plants and gardens exist in this virtual world, awaiting your attention!