Positive Effects of Playing Computer Games

Positive Effects of Playing Computer Games

Whether computer games are good or bad for the human brain is no longer debatable. Research has shown that these games come with massive benefits for both children and adults. All that matters is responsible gaming since, as in everything else, too much of something is, of course, harmful.

If you have ever had any doubts about how computer games can be beneficial to your brain, here are three reasons you should start playing them.

May slow down aging: This is not just a mere claim. Research by the University of Iowa on senior citizens proved this right. While growing older is not bad, it is possible to keep your brain younger than your actual age, which comes with immense health benefits. Computer games can increase the production of the hormones responsible for promoting happiness and positive feelings in human beings.

Capable of enhancing the ability to learn: Since gaming involves intense brain coordination and concentration, it promotes cognitive flexibility, which comes in handy even in other learning areas. A study done by Queen Mary University and University College London showed that those who took part in computer gaming over eight weeks registered an improvement in cognitive flexibility compared to those who did not participate. To have an even more positive effect on the brain, researchers encourage people to have background music when playing. Here is an excellent site with royalty free background music for those looking into making their gaming experiences even more enjoyable.

Enhances multitasking skills: If you are looking for a better way to help your child improve their multitasking skills, then computer games are the way to go. Since playing involves making decisions on the next best moves to make and thinking on your feet to make the right move, this helps boost both cognitive and multitasking abilities, which are excellent life skills.

Computer games have received a bad rap for all the wrong reasons for quite a long while. If not for any other purpose, play computer games to keep your brain healthy and active. Life comes with its own little pressures; computer games can serve as a great stress reliever when going through such moments.