Types of Computer Games

Types of Computer Games

Computer games are often associated with lots of action, and there are different genres of computer games. It is worth noting that some genres do overlap, which explains why some people classify soccer as a simulation game while others see it as a sport. This article seeks to expand your understanding on computer games, by looking at the fundamentals of different gaming genres.

Sports Games

Sports games allow you to play real-life sports by mimicking real athletes. The most popular sports games are often building around popular sporting events such as soccer, tennis, and basketball. These games are also structured in a progressive fashion, and players expected to work their way up through various levels.

Role Playing Games (RPGs)

If you love playing fantasy, you certainly ascribe to role-playing games. RPGs allow players to act as the main character, thus requiring them to make decisions fit in the game’s storyline. How well one can play this role defines their success.

Action Games

Action games are largely competitive in nature where you are required to fight some ‘enemies.’ There might be different characters, all with unique abilities. Players are then expected to choose a character of their choice and fight with the rest. Excellent reflexes are essential in enjoying these games.

Adventure Games

Adventure games are usually single player games, which are often set up in fantasy worlds. The adventure often starts with a storyline and your specific mission. Based on the mission and resources at your disposal, you will be expected to figure out how to complete your mission.

Simulation Games

Simulation games are designed in a way that helps you handle real-life responsibilities. You might be required to park or drive a track across busy highways while observing traffic rules. Besides the fun that comes with gaming action, they are also used to train professionals.