Three Gaming Websites Improve Anatomy and Imaging Skills

Three Gaming Websites Improve Anatomy and Imaging Skills

Gaming is used for everything from entertainment to education. For medical imaging newbies, this career path requires extensive knowledge about the human body. Break-through medical imaging technologies are producing advanced solutions in patient care and drug development. More than 80 million medical images are taken and analyzed yearly. Fortunately, preparing to understand the anatomy like imaging professionals at Antaros Medical is as simple as playing digital games.

Anatomy Arcade

Anatomy Arcade’s interactive games help students to have fun while learning all about the body. Two of the site’s most popular offerings include Whack a Bone and Poke a Muscle. Both games require memory recall and offer very detailed information about the human anatomy. Founded by a science and physical education teacher, the website uses modern technology to engage students in a productive way. By offering games about every system, bone, organ, and muscle in the body, Anatomy Arcade prepares future imaging professionals to handle the complex task of identifying parts of the body.

Real Body Works

Real Body Works offers online coursework about the body. The site also features anatomy games, such as muscle, organ, and skeleton matching games and quizzes. It’s an excellent way for students to prepare for testing, giving players one minute to match the labels on the right to the body part on the left of the screen. By reinforcing the players’ memory, the game helps with memorization.


PurposeGames allows teachers and students to upload free games to its website to receive reward points. Working with a timer and different quiz formats, a user can quickly and easily prepare for upcoming tests or simply hone anatomy skills. From brain to heart anatomy, this site breaks down barriers to understanding the parts of the body. For imaging professionals who want a refresher or students embarking on a new career path, gaming is an effective option for anatomy review.